Activage puts digital technology to work for the elderly

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Published : 3 April 2017

The Activage project, which was selected by the European Commission for support under the H2020 program, will assess the performance of innovative secure assisted living solutions to help the elderly live in their homes longer.
The €20 million project involves a consortium of 50 partners who have been working together since January 2017 at nine experimental rollout sites across Europe.

IRT Nanoelec is coordinating testing at the French site, and several Grenoble-based partners (the Isère General Council, STMicroelectronics, and Technosens) are also participating. Future users (the elderly, caregivers, and healthcare and social workers) will contribute to developing the service and devices tested. The field tests will take place in Isère, where 75 homes and 10 nursing home patient rooms will be equipped with connected technologies.


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