Activage tested by 150 senior citizens

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Published : 3 December 2018

The EU Activage project, coordinated by IRT Nanoelec and the Isère General Council in France, has now entered the testing phase. Between now and April of 2020, 150 senior citizens in Isère will engage in a year-long test of digital solutions developed to meet their needs. The solutions, designed to boost comfort and safety at home, are based on a touch tablet, a gateway, and sensors. The goal is to keep senior citizens safe in their homes and facilitate caregivers’ work.

The solutions will also be implemented in patient rooms at a hospital near Grenoble to support caregivers. IRT Nanoelec worked with the CEA and STMicroelectronics to come up with the specifications for the gateway and ensure that it adequately protects the data from the sensors in compliance with the European GDRP regulation.


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