Aledia powers ahead at light(n)ing speed

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Published : 10 June 2013

Aledia, a start-up spun off from Leti, has just crossed two important milestones. First, it has finished making its first series of LEDs on 200 mm silicon wafers—a breakthrough process that cuts LED production costs by a factor of four relative to conventional methods. And second, the young firm has raised €10 million of fresh capital from four investors, including CEA Investissement.

Aledia’s technology leverages six years of R&D at Leti and INAC and two years of its own in-house R&D. It involves growing gallium nitride (GaN) microwires directly on large-diameter silicon wafers, and can triple or even quintuple the light-emitting surface of LEDs. The company initially plans to target applications in backlighting, televisions, and lighting. The next milestone will be the market launch of its LEDs, scheduled for early 2015.


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