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(filled) Characterization of dielectric/silicon interfaces using second harmonic generation

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Start date : 01/02/2024

offer n° IMEPLAHC-CMNE-12-01-2024


                                                   Characterization of dielectric/silicon interfaces
                                                            using second harmonic generation     

                                                                                                Starting date: February 2024
                                                                                                    Duration: 5-6 months

The microelectronics and optoelectronics industry relies on complex dielectric/silicon stacked  structures. Such structures, which are needed in cameras, displays, MOS transistors, …, must have very well-defined material properties but also electrical properties in order for the device to work properly.
One challenge associated with the development of those stacks is to be able to characterize their  electrical properties at the chip level and in a non-destructive fashion.

A novel method to achieve non-destructive electrical characterization of interfaces using second harmonic generation (SHG) is currently under active development at IMEP-LaHC, within a collaboration with STMicroelectronics.  This technique has passed the demonstration stage, but in order to be used as an in-line metrology tool in the industry, it needs to prove its ability
to distinguish and quantify two different electrical properties of the interfaces: the trap density and the fixed charges. In order to provide this functionality, a  calibration procedure of the raw results from SHG measurement .must be developed and it is the aim of the internship. The calibration procedure will be obtained by characterizing simple
stacks using both SHG and other established characterization methods such as capacitance – voltage (C-V) measurements.

During the internship, the work will include:

  • Understanding theoretical aspects: second harmonic generation, electric field distribution in semiconductor structures, charges and defaults at the
    interface between dielectric and semiconductor materials.
  •  Using SHG characterization tool available at IMEP-LaHC to test simple stack structures under different configurations (influence of the laser power, influence of the substrate bias, …)
  •  Develop a model to fit the experimental curves.
  • Compare the SHG measurement with C-V measurements in order to provide a method to separate traps and fixed charges densities from SHG measurements.

The intern will work in close collaboration with permanent researchers and a post-doctorate fellow involved in this project from the laboratory.
She/he will participate to the meetings with STMicroelectronics to discuss project advancements. We are looking for motivated candidates, with strong knowledge in non-linear optics and/or semiconductor physics and who are willing to actively participate to a collaborative project. During this multidisciplinary internship, the student will develop both experimental and theoretical skills that can be put to profit for his/her future career in both academic and industrial worlds.

Applicants must send CV and motivations to the contact indicated below. Interviews will be conducted to explain the project and assess whether both side will benefit from the collaboration.


  • Keywords : Engineering science, Engineering sciences, Electronics and microelectronics - Optoelectronics, Electronics and microelectronics - Optoelectronics, FMNT, IMEP-LaHc
  • Laboratory : FMNT / IMEP-LaHc
  • CEA code : IMEPLAHC-CMNE-12-01-2024
  • Contact :
  • This Internship position has been filled. Thank you for your interest
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