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Microfluidics for a human Pancreas-on-a chip

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Start date : 1 May 2019

offer n° PsD-DRT-19-0083

The context of the project concerns the microsystems for biology whose stakes are the integration and the automation of protocols assays for healthcare applications. In this field there is a growing interest on the development of organs on chips. An organ-on-a-chip is a microfluidic cell culture device created with micro-manufacturing technics. The fluidics networks create the mimicking in vivo environment for cell culture such as perfusions and physiologic stimulation, thus making it possible to have biological models more relevant than those currently available.

The goal is to engineer a microfluidic platform that can recapitulate functional units of human pancreas.

  • Keywords : Engineering science, Life Sciences, Biotechnologies,nanobiology, Instrumentation, DTBS, Leti
  • Laboratory : DTBS / Leti
  • CEA code : PsD-DRT-19-0083
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