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coupling of optomechanical resonators in quantum regime for microwave to Infrared photons conversion

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Start date : 1 October 2020

offer n° PsD-DRT-20-0036

The most promising quantum computing platforms today are operated at very low temperatures at microwave frequencies, while telecommunication networks capable of preserving information in non-conventional states (superposition, entanglement) use infrared photons in non-cryogenic environments. Current frequency conversion means offer poor conversion efficiencies (10-6), which make them unable to preserve the quantum nature of information. A very high efficiency optical microwave converter (>0.5) is an essential milestone to connect these two frequency domains and create a real network of distributed quantum computers (quantum internet). In this context, this post doc topic aims to develop such a converter by exploiting the multi-scale coupling properties of nanomechanical resonators NEMS.

Work is currently underway at Leti to address NEMS resonators in their fundamental state by an optomechanical coupling with microwave resonators. The objective of the post doc is to continue these efforts by integrating a high quality infrared optical cavity. To do this, he will be able to rely on the know-how put in place at Leti: the laboratory is one of the pioneers in the development of on-chip optomechanical transduction sensors that guide light in silicon and make it interact with a moving object such as a mechanical resonator. A collaboration is in place with the Néel Institute (CNRS) in Grenoble to characterize and study these devices at ultra-low temperature (<100 mK). The post-doctoral fellow will have to propose designs that can target the expected high levels of efficiency. The devices will be manufactured in Leti's clean room and must be compatible with industrial manufacturing scale-up (VLSI), then tested and compared to expected performance. It will then be necessary to review the modelling and design based on the measurements in order to ensure that all phenomena are understood.

  • Keywords : Condensed matter physics, chemistry & nanosciences, Engineering sciences, Optics - Laser optics - Applied optics, Radiation-matter interactions, DCOS, Leti
  • Laboratory : DCOS / Leti
  • CEA code : PsD-DRT-20-0036
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