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Semi-conductor materials characterization by photoluminescence for infrared detection

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Start date : 1 October 2018

offer n° SL-DRT-18-0842

The infrared lab (LIR) of CEA LETI in Grenoble, France, looks for PhD student candidate to perform instrumental developments that will enable advanced semi-conductor materials investigations for infrared detection. It will consist in constructing a new microscope to characterize II-VI and III-V materials for infrared detection (cryo températures). Those materials are typically used for industrial, space and defense applications. Laser-excited photoluminescence of semiconductor materials makes it possible to quantitatively determine the minority carrier lifetime, which is critical for the optoelectronics properties. LETI is already equipped with such a tool. The work will consist in reaching the physical limits of the instrument: integration of a APD detector within the cryostat to improvie the sensitivity and the spatial resolutino (down to the pixel size), laser wavelength choice (for homogeneous injection), use of an interferometer for spectral resolution. The output of this state-of-the-art tool will be 4D (x,y,t,lambda) data or even 5D taking into account the vertical dimension. For that reason, on top of instrumental skills, data processing will be important to reduce data and correlate them with process parameters and other electrical or optical characterization data. On top of instrumental developments, the PhD will be driven by materials being studied at the lab. Depending on the achievements, other scientific domains will be explored (e.g. biology).

  • Keywords : Engineering science, Materials and applications, Radiation-matter interactions, DOPT, Leti
  • Laboratory : DOPT / Leti
  • CEA code : SL-DRT-18-0842
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