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Analysis of mechanical constraints on transmission lines by instrumentation with sensitive materials

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Start date : 1 September 2019

offer n° SL-DRT-19-0683

Reflectometry is as old as electromagnetism itself and share the same principle with radar technologies. CEA LIST has been working on reflectometry to make it available for cable diagnosis through the use of signal processing algorithms and embedded hardware, such as FPGA or SoC. Nowadays, progress in this field opens new possibilities, like transforming cables in distributed sensors, especially for detection of mechanical constraints. This is even more possible by adding to the cable materials with both electromagnetical and mechanical effects, such as magnetostrictive layers.

Previous work on the subject has shown great potential for this combination. Thus the objective of this thesis will be to design a new cable integrating materials sensible to mechanical constraints and reflectometry. First the work will focus on the study of the best material combined with signal processing methods and then the new design will be proposed and tested.

For this PhD project a sound knowledge in the field of electromagnetics is mandatory. It is also expected that the candidate has some basic knowledge in the fields of reflectometry and magnetostriction which are the core technologies used in this PhD project. Additionnaly, a solid background in signal processing techniques will be necessary for both the modelling and the analysis of experimental results. Those skills will also be useful for preparing a potential technological application. An important part of this thesis will also rely on the design of experimental set-ups. It is therefore expected that the candidate has motivation for experimental work.

  • Keywords : Engineering science, Electromagnetism - Electrical engineering, Electronics and microelectronics - Optoelectronics, DACLE, Leti
  • Laboratory : DACLE / Leti
  • CEA code : SL-DRT-19-0683
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