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Innovative haptic interface

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Start date : 1 September 2020

offer n° SL-DRT-20-0724

A haptic interface allows to the user to interact with its environment by the sense of touch. It can be used for example to give complex information in harsh, noisy or low visibility environment. Today, demonstrators provide haptic effects essentially on glass screen. We propose to develop innovative haptic solutions to generate complex effects on curved surfaces, conformable, and potentially in various materials such as metal, plastic…

The objective of the candidate will be to design, build and characterize haptic interfaces. A reflection will be conducted on the different possibilities to integrate this haptic function on various substrates. To do this, he will develop analytical models and use finite element method (COMSOL). Supervised by CEA experts on the subject, he will propose the most adapted technology (thin-film actuators or bulk piezoceramics) to integrate piezoelectric actuators able to generate the haptic effect on curved surfaces, conformable, ideally flexible. Finally, a reflection on the global system will be necessary in order to propose an innovative and complex haptic demonstrator integrating different functions such as finger position detection, actuation and driving mechanisms.

  • Keywords : Engineering sciences, Technological challenges, Cyber physical systems - sensors and actuators, Mechanics, energetics, process engineering, DCOS, Leti
  • Laboratory : DCOS / Leti
  • CEA code : SL-DRT-20-0724
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