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High resolution investigation of CdZnTe single crystal and HgCdTe/CdZnTe thin films at ESRF

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Start date : 1 August 2018

offer n° PsD-DRT-18-0090

CEA-Leti has a long experience and a strong expertise in the crystal growth of HgCdTe based compounds for infrared applications with performances directly related to material quality. In particular, crystal defects may lead to detector failure through current leakage in the infrared diode characteristics. This postdoc position is open in the general context of understanding the mechanisms of defect formation and propagation in these materials. More specifically, this postdoc is dedicated to the high-resolution investigation of these defects using synchrotron radiation. A series of rocking curve imaging (RCI) experiment is ongoing and will continue through 2018 and first images already reveal a variety of crystal defect arrangement within CdZnTe substrates. It is the aim of this postdoc to carefully analyze the existing data in order to extract quantitative information that could be directly used to characterize the material quality but most importantly to correlate the nature of the defects to the history of bulk crystal growth. Results would also be used to guide the team for the choice of samples for next RCI runs but also should lead to new experiment proposal within ESRF environment or possibly using other synchrotron facilities.

  • Keywords : Radiation-matter interactions, Solid state physics, surfaces and interfaces, DOPT, Leti
  • Laboratory : DOPT / Leti
  • CEA code : PsD-DRT-18-0090
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