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Design of pancreas on a chip

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Start date : 1 January 2018

offer n° PsD-DRT-19-0032

In the last decade, the organs-on-a-chip represent a new topic of a great interest, at the crossroads of the disciplines between cell biology and microfluidics. Biological functions have been mimicked on microfluidic chips. New generations of microfluidic chips are being developed, integrating greater biological complexity by cultivating 3D structures as well as several biological functions and real-time monitoring of them. The subject we are proposing is the development of an instrumented microfluidic chip to cultivate pancreatic islets in the long term and monitor their functionality.

The post doc will have to work in close collaboration with several collaborators and other post docs on this interdisciplinary topic.

  • Keywords : Engineering science, Life Sciences, Cellular biology, physiology and cellular imaging, Instrumentation, DTBS, Leti
  • Laboratory : DTBS / Leti
  • CEA code : PsD-DRT-19-0032
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