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Frequency reference oscillators for the 5G technology based on acoustic resonators

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Start date : 1 September 2019

offer n° PsD-DRT-19-0063

Millimiter-wave 5G systems require increasing modulation complexities (beyond 64 QAM) as a means to improve data bandwidth, but they are currently limited by the phase noise of local oscillators. Current reference oscillators are based on quartz resonators, limited to frequencies of few MHz. There is therefore a need for high-performance and high-frequency alternatives.

Reference oscillators based on acoustic-wave resonators represent a privileged alternative to attain good phase noise performance in the UHF band. In this context, the RF components laboratory of the CEA/Leti has a large experience in the design and fabrication of such devices, as demonstrated by its large scientific output and industrial collaborations.

The post-doc will be centred on the development of high-performance acoustic resonators in the UHF band. The objective is to optimize phase noise and temperature stability of reference oscillators, two of the main defining parameters defining their performance. The candidate will be in charge of the design, fabrication and characterization of the acoustic resonators, and the development of strategies to improve their performance.

  • Keywords : Engineering science, Electronics and microelectronics - Optoelectronics, Materials and applications, DCOS, Leti
  • Laboratory : DCOS / Leti
  • CEA code : PsD-DRT-19-0063
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