American students say “Yes!” to GIANT’s summer program

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Published : 1 June 2015

The fifth annual GIANT International Internship Program (GIIP), which kicked off at the end of May and will continue for 10 weeks, saw record enrollment. GIANT laboratories are hosting 27 international interns, from undergrad through to post-doc, almost all from the United States. In contrast, in 2011, GIIP’s first year, there were only seven interns.

Also encouraging is that MIT is sending more and more students to Grenoble. There were five MIT students in last year’s cohort, up this year to ten. The pool of applicants was even larger than in previous years.

And, for the first time ever, Grenoble Ecole de Management is also taking part in GIIP, with three students working on a serious game dedicated to the management of nanotechnologies. All of the other student interns will be dispatched to the various nanotechnologies, materials, life sciences, and microbiology laboratories and startups on the GIANT campus.


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