Antaios raises $11 million and partners with Applied Materials

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Published : 5 October 2020

Startup Antaios, a Spintec spinoff that holds patents to a SOT*-MRAM memory technology, has just raised $11 million in fresh capital. The influx of funds will help scale the technology up from lab demonstrator to manufacturable system. Antaios is partnering with Applied Materials on the scaleup project.
Antaios was founded in 2017 in the wake of winning the grand prize in the 2016 i-Lab innovation competition. The company opted for a fabless business model and will partner with manufacturers to build an IP portfolio.
Specifically, Antaios is banking on non-volatile, fast, and high-endurance SOT-MRAM to replace embedded flash and SRAM memory in connected and mobile devices and for mass and, ultimately, long-term processor cache memory. The company continues to work with Spintec, and the partners are currently considering a joint lab.

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