Apios sets out to repair large bone defects

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Published : 6 February 2017

The purpose of the Apios project, backed by LMGP*, is to mature a technology for repairing large (5 mm or more) bone defects—such as those due to maxillofacial or orthopedic injuries. The project leverages eight years of research and focuses on trapping active proteins in a biomimetic film placed on an implant to trigger a response from the body’s stem cells, reactivating bone tissue reconstruction.

The research has already resulted in patents as well as an article in the journal Biomaterials in 2016. A team of five researchers and one clinical practitioner (from Annecy) are working on Apios with the hope of partnering with hospitals, conducting market research with implant manufacturers, and building relationships with active protein producers.


*with ESRF and Institut Albert-Bonniot

Contact: catherine.picart@grenoble-inp.fr

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