April 3 to April 5: two conferences to broaden your horizons

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Published : 5 February 2019

IMEP-LaHC and Sinano will organize the first International Nanodevices and Computing Conference from April 3 to 5 in Grenoble. The event is actually two conferences in one. The first one is about IRDS, the International Roadmap for Devices and Systems. The second will address Rebooting Computing, an international initiative created in addition to IRDS. Rebooting Computing is rethinking our computing paradigms, from the basic physical concepts down to algorithms and system architectures.

A full program of talks will cover the major challenges and technological solutions as well as recent and promising research results, with a fifteen-year outlook. This event is ideal for people who want to see the future through the lens of these two very exciting topics.


Contact: francis.balestra@imep.grenoble-inp.fr

Website : http://icrc.ieee.org/

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