Aryballe to receive €1.1 million subsidy for new pilot line

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Published : 7 June 2021

Aryballe was selected to receive €1.1 million under the French government’s economic stimulus program. The company raised €7 million in 2020; the additional funds will allow Aryballe to complete its pilot production line in a 120 sq. m clean room in Grenoble.  The pilot facility will produce low-cost, miniaturized, universal odor sensors starting in early 2022. And, once it ramps up to full capacity, some 2 million units per year will come off the line. The facility will ultimately employ around 40 people.

Aryballe’s technology effectively reproduces the human sense of smell by combining biochemistry, advanced optics, and machine learning. With potential applications in the flavoring and fragrance, automotive, public transportation, and home appliance markets, the startup’s prospects are excellent. Aryballe continues to work with CEA-Leti on R&D under a joint lab.


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