Aryballe unveils plans to raise €4 million in fresh capital

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Published : 2 June 2014

Start-up Aryballe Technologies, founded in 2014, is gearing up to raise €4 million in fresh capital to finance R&D on innovative olfactory and gustatory biosensors for the perfume and food industries. The company has also signed two R&D contracts, one with Leti and the other with INAC.
Aryballe used SPRi (Surface Plasmon Resonance imaging), a technique developed by INAC, to get its technology to work with gas instead of just liquid. The company’s first commercial product, “Nanosmia,” a portable odor-detection device, is expected to be released in 2016. The device is designed for patients suffering from anosmia (an inability to perceive odor).
Norwegian-born olfactory artist and scientist Sissel Tolaas, renowned for her groundbreaking work on scent, is one of Aryballe’s four co-founders.




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