Atom probe tomography getting closer to artefact-free 3D reconstruction

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Published : 4 February 2013

Under the French National Research Agency (ANR) Aptitude program, which kicked-off in January 2013, Leti plans to develop artefact-free 3D reconstruction methods for atom probe tomography. The research will lay the groundwork for the future 14 nm technology node and its new FINFET architectures and FD-SOI transistors. Scientists will need new characterization tools if they are to achieve quantitative 3D mapping of all atoms at the atomic scale. Current 3D mapping methods give distorted volumes. This project aims to correct the distortion by pooling the expertise of Leti (PFNC for characterization), CNRS-GPM (for algorithmic reconstruction), STMicroelectronics (advanced systems), and CAMECA (technology transfer).


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