Auger nanoprobe for nanometric elementary quantitative analysis

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Published : 5 October 2015

Researchers from Leti, CNRS, LTM, and LPN recently used an Auger probe for the elementary quantitative analysis of a silicon-germanium heterostructure nanowire. But first, they had to develop new spectroscopy and profilometry protocols, which they validated by comparing the results with previous X-ray diffraction and TEM results. The Auger nanoprobe offers several advantages over X-ray diffraction and TEM. Sample preparation is simple, and the probe can be used on 3D samples and achieves a lateral resolution of 50 nm.

The researchers are leveraging their successful use of the probe on Si-Ge nanowires with diameters under 100 nm for other nanostructures, such as those grown on III–V substrates.



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