Avalun ramps up production at MINATEC

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Published : 3 December 2018

LabPad®, Avalun’s “pocket lab,” is currently sold around the globe, with customers in Germany, Italy, the UK, the Czech Republic, South Africa, and other countries. The startup recently decided to automate its consumables manufacturing line at the BHT building in MINATEC campus. The robotized machine recently commissioned can produce 15,000 blood coagulation tests per day, up from 1,500 previously. The increased production capacity will meet growing demand from doctors, pharmacists, hospitals, and individuals looking for a coagulation test solution that saves them the step of taking samples to a lab.

Avalun, which currently has 21 employees, will focus on manufacturing and sales over the next few months. At the same time, the company is working on obtaining the CE mark for its new tests. Finally, Avalun is partnering with Leti on the e-Meuse Santé project to develop remote healthcare solutions for rural areas.


Contact: vincent.poher@avalun.com

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