Avalun’s pocket lab to be tested at four nursing homes in 2016

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Published : 8 December 2015

CEA spinoff Avalun, founded in 2013, will test its LabPad® for one year at four nursing homes across the region. The facilities will use the portable, communicating device to measure INR, a blood-clotting test.
Because the LabPad® only requires a small drop of blood from a fi nger prick, it should make life easier for both nurses and patients. This is especially true for patients with dementia, who may require multiple caregivers just to draw blood. The LabPad® is virtually connected to labs, which means that caregivers will no longer need to carry vials of blood. And fast results mean that patients’ anticoagulant medicine can be adjusted right away if needed. The program was selected under France’s digital healthcare initiative, administered at the regional level by the Rhône-Alpes regional government’s healthcare agency

Contact: cecile.gross@avalun.com

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