Back to school at Grenoble INP – Phelma, UGA

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Published : 1 October 2022

The 2022-23 school year is underway at Grenoble INP – Phelma, UGA, with an incoming cohort similar to last year’s.
On September 2, first-year students arrived on campus: 370 in the traditional engineering program and 26 in the internship-based program in microelectronics and telecommunications. A majority—77%—came from general prep programs, 12% from the INP prep program, and 8% on application.
Female students represent 30% of the cohort, just like the previous year.
While the numbers are similar, this year is different in spirit. The school has set the tone for a more responsible, respectful start to the academic year. The administration is eschewing the traditional “initiation” activities in favor of orienting new students to campus life. Student groups are also on board to make sure partying doesn’t get out of hand.


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