BeSpoon sets a world record at 3,641 meters

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Published : 10 June 2013

Locating an object to within just a few centimeters sounds easy—except when you are over 3.6 km away. But that’s what French start-up BeSpoon was able to do using impulse radio ultra-wideband (IR-UWB) technology developed by Leti. This range of 3,641 meters sets a world record based on emergency situation UWB regulations; the range based on standard UWB regulations is 880 meters.

With this breakthrough BeSpoon and Leti have overcome two disadvantages to conventional IR-UWB: its limited operating range and the difficulty integrating it on a single chip. Their system, which includes a CMOS transceiver, can be incorporated directly into a smartphone or set-top box, for example.


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