BigClouT is inventing smart cities

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Published : 3 October 2016

The Greater Grenoble Area is working with three other urban areas—Tsukuba, Fujisawa, and Bristol—on the BigClouT project, a joint initiative between the EU and Japan that Leti is coordinating. The project aims to develop and test applications for smart cities on an open software platform capable of processing massive amounts of data from sensors (weather, pollution, traffic). The deadline is 2019.
Leti is contributing by improving its sensiNact* middleware, which aggregates smart data and makes it available to the community to create applications for tomorrow’s cities. In Grenoble, for example, the goal is to measure the impact on the local economy of trade shows like Semicon Europa and of business and industrial parks. The results will be used to improve local services, from restaurants and shops to transportation.

*Developed and tested under the ClouT project (2013–2016)

BigClouT project website


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