CBRAM that lasts 10 years at 120°C

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Published : 1 October 2012

Despite its many advantages—it is fast, energy efficient, and easy to integrate—conductive-bridging RAM (CBRAM) technology has one weak spot: it can’t store data at very high temperatures. That’s why Leti researchers have teamed up with Altis Semiconductor to develop new materials and new electrolyte and electrode stacking methods. Thanks to these breakthroughs, the research partners have been able to create CBRAM that can store data at 120°C for up to ten years.
The scientists deposited a germanium disulfide electrolyte on a tungsten electrode and studied the effects of different antimony dopant concentrations in the electrolyte. In addition to the enhanced temperature resistance, the new CBRAM has an (almost) infallible memory and remarkable endurance—beyond 100,000 cycles.

Contact: elisa.vianello@cea.fr


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 Bake CBRAM at 120°C for 10 years
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