CEA Grenoble Director Bruno Feignier rolls out his roadmap

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Published : 5 April 2021

Management of the CEA’s Grenoble campus is now part of the CEA’s national organization. Bruno Feignier was appointed as Director of CEA Grenoble in January. Bruno will represent the CEA-Grenoble employer brand and oversee implementation of a roadmap that encompasses occupational health and safety, asset management, strategy, social and environmental responsibility, workforce planning, and budgeting.

Health and safety, important in normal times, have taken on a new urgency. Recent Covid testing and vaccination campaigns have highlighted just how crucial the CEA-Grenoble occupational health department is. Another priority will be to rehabilitate CEA-Grenoble buildings and common areas. This year, four building rehabilitation projects to improve thermal performance have been financed through the French government’s economic recovery plan.

Contact: bruno.feignier@cea.fr

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