CEA-Grenoble enters Rhône-Alpes Challenge

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Published : 4 February 2013

Sponsored by the Rhône-Alpes regional government, the Rhône-Alpes Challenge brings together seven outdoor sporting events: cross-country and downhill skiing, mountain biking, cycling, cross-country running, kayaking, and free flight (paragliding and hang-gliding).
CEA-Grenoble will participate in this year’s Challenge, which will is open to businesses for the first time. The research center will send a team of six athletes to compete in each event; employees are welcome to apply by sending a letter with sports-related references and a preliminary training schedule.
Athletic ability will not be the only factor taken into consideration when choosing the athletes for each of the seven teams; enthusiasm and the desire to represent the CEA are also crucial. The selection committee also encourages people of both genders and all ages to apply, so as to create the most representative teams possible.
Send your application to: rhone-alpes-challenge@cea.fr


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