CEA Grenoble publications to be signed “Grenoble Alps University”

Categorie(s) : Education, Life @ MINATEC, News, Research

Published : 2 June 2014

Grenoble’s higher education and research community has adopted a common signature, “Grenoble Alps University” for all publications. CEA Grenoble is aligning with its partners by adopting the signature; however, the CEA will remain consistent with its unique status, mission, and business model. In short, any publication authored by a CEA Grenoble researcher must list Grenoble Alps University first, and, on the second line, the organization with which the researcher is affiliated. This decision became effective in March.
The aims of the new shared signature are to boost the collective image and raise the international profile of Grenoble’s higher education and research community.

Contact: isabelle.touet@cea.fr



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