CEA-INAC PhD candidate wins two international awards in “My 180-second Dissertation” competition

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Published : 5 October 2015

What does love have to do with electrical conductivity? Grenoble’s very own Alexandre Artaud served up a particularly engaging—not to mention entertaining—explanation in the second annual “My 180-second Dissertation” competition. Alexandre’s presentation won him the top slot in the national finals and two awards (second overall and the audience’s choice award) at the international finals held on October 1 at the Sorbonne.

Alexandre is a PhD candidate in basic physics at CEA-INAC, a lab specializing in quantum electron transport and superconductivity. He presented his PhD research on how graphene can be given superconducting properties when coupled with rhenium. His dissertation addresses using a nanocharacterization method, very-low-temperature tunnel spectroscopy, to explore the electronic and superconducting properties of graphene-on-rhenium.


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