CEA promotes careers for women in science

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Published : 2 February 2015

On February 5, 2015 a group of 72 high-school students from the nearby towns La Mûre and Voiron will come to MINATEC for the fourth annual session of Scientifique, toi aussi ! [You, too, can be a scientist!] to learn about careers in science. This year’s edition will focus on women in science. Astrophysicist Isabelle Vauglin will give a talk on women in science and the students will get to meet with technicians, engineers, research scientists, managers, and communications professionals of both genders during a speed-networking meeting. Participating professionals will have three minutes to talk about their jobs, using a prop that illustrates what they do. The day will continue with CEA lab tours.

Contact: pauline.martin2@cea.fr

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