CEA puts the lid on .zip files

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Published : 30 November 2014

At the end of September the CEA rolled out an initiative to block any .zip-type folders containing .exe files attached to incoming emails. The senders are automatically alerted that their email didn’t make it past CEA security.
The anti-zip measure came in response to an increase in the number of security breaches caused by .exe files hidden in compressed folders. And email, whether it is through attachments or embedded links, constitutes one of the primary—and most dangerous—channels for disseminating malware. In one recent incident, a file named avis de paiement.exe (payment_notification) containing malware was sent to some 4,600 CEA email addresses and was opened 200 times, resulting in days of extra work for the IT department to get all affected equipment running normally again.

Contact: jean-marc.zuccolini@cea.fr


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