CEA raises awareness of gender-based violence

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Published : 7 June 2021

Gender-based violence can take many forms, including seemingly-harmless comments that, when they occur in the workplace, are actually damaging expressions of gender discrimination. In February of this year CEA Grenoble initiated an awareness-raising campaign scheduled to run into 2022. In addition to raising overall awareness of gender-based violence, the campaign will also include factual information about what the law says, testimonials from people who have witnessed or been the victims of this kind of violence, and recommendations on how to respond.

The highlights of the campaign are a series of incisive posters on topics like gender-based nicknames, gender biases with regard to certain professions, and situations where “ordinary” behavior crosses a line; two 20-minute online classes that have been available to all CEA Grenoble employees since March; and several activities facilitated by a theater company.

Contact: arnaud.gaultier@cea.fr

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