CEA: Stéphane Siebert appointed Director of Technological Research

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Published : 5 February 2016

On January 1, 2016, Stéphane Siebert succeeded Jean Therme as Director of Technological Research of the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA). After earning a degree from the Ecole Centrale de Paris, he spent eight years at the CEA’s Grenoble campus, first conducting Ph.D. research and then in a staff research position. He spent the next six years founding and developing Corys, a CEA spinoff. He later held several administrative positions for the City of Grenoble, France, which he served for twelve years.
Mr. Siebert returned to the CEA in 2007, working on major projects like setting up MINATEC and GIANT and rolling out the CEA Tech regional tech transfer office initiative. He plans to pursue the development strategy initiated by his predecessor, Jean Therme, who will serve as Special Advisor to the Director of Technological Research in addition to his ongoing responsibilities as Deputy Director for Renewable Energies reporting to the CEA Chairman.


Contact: pascale.berruyer@cea.fr

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