CEA Tech launches Communications and Innovation Services Division

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Published : 2 February 2015

On January 1, CEA Tech launched its Communications and Innovation Services Division (DOIC). The 40-strong division boasts Strategic Communications, Content and Storytelling, and Open Innovation units. This new organization will make better use of existing know-how and resources. The goal is to help CEA Tech put a more professional foot forward and broaden its scope of action.

One of the division’s key responsibilities is hosting visitors. Another is creating product stories and demonstrators for the CEA Tech showrooms in Grenoble and at the regional branches. The division also boasts early-stage innovation competencies like creativity and user-centered design and innovation. The CEA’s three open innovation labs (IDEAs Lab, Atelier Arts Sciences, and the Roger-Tallon Design Residency) will also report to the new division.


Contact: pascale.berruyer@cea.fr

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