CEA-Technip project wins global innovation award

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Published : 8 December 2015

Morphopipe, the fl agship R&D project that came out of a Technip-CEA Tech joint lab set up in 2011, won Technip’s 2015 global innovation award. The project leveraged a Leti technology to develop a live monitoring system for flexible underwater oil and gas pipelines. Ocean swell places substantial stress on pipe sections close to the surface; these sections are subjected to fatigue that can put their structural integrity at risk. The worst-case scenario is, of course, a break in a pipeline, bringing production to a halt.
With Morphopipe, accelerometers are integrated into the pipes during manufacturing and combined with data acquisition and processing capabilities. The pipe’s residual lifespan can be reassessed at any time. Three patents have been filed and the technology is currently being transferred to Technip for scale-up.

Contact: nathalie.saguin@cea.fr

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