CEA’s market research department turns 20

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Published : 10 June 2013

The CEA’s market research department will celebrate its 20th anniversary with a special conference on July 5, 2013. The event will kick off with a Midi MINATEC brown bag lunch on the revival of innovation marketing, facilitated by Marc Giguet, President of Institut Européen de Stratégies Créatives. This will be followed by a retrospective and tours of CEA Tech’s labs and showroom for some 150 CEA marketing alumni. The conference will conclude with a panel discussion on what the next 20 years hold in store for marketing at the CEA.

The department currently employs around 30 engineers specialized in innovation marketing and market intelligence. It churns out over 50 market research papers each year on topics like the competitive landscape, the positioning of products and services, benchmarking, and potential applications for new technologies.

Contact: claire-noel.bigay@cea.fr

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