Challenge First Step 2014: Where are they now?

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Published : 2 February 2015

On December 4, 2014, four budding entrepreneurs presented their projects to the Challenge First Step selection committee, tasked with assessing the projects’ maturity and determining whether or not to grant them additional resources to fund their development plans over the next six months.
The LINC project (development software for connected objects) was deemed ready for the incubation phase. SIPSEP (a portable, real-time testing system for infectious diseases) was granted around €160K to develop a model for STDs and meningitis. USENS (Raman mini-probe for the detection of trace amounts of substances in liquids) got nearly €140K to build and test a demonstrator.
A special guest, the CEA Physical Science Division, was on hand to back a post-doc project to develop an innovative low-cost process for producing silicon nanowires. The committee gave some encouraging feedback and the project must now undergo additional development work to get ready for the start-up phase.


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