Challenge First Step 2016 gives more than €700K to startups

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Published : 6 February 2017

The Challenge First Step selection committee made their choice at the end of November. A total of eight startups will receive support and €734K has already been earmarked for the projects. Depending on the progress the founders make toward their stated goals, they could be eligible for additional support in six months.

Liten spawned two of the projects: one is developing custom industrial battery systems and the other is working on complex-energy-system dimensioning and management software. Another four projects come from Leti; they are focusing on: an instrumented glove for a boxing and fitness platform; rollerblades with an intuitive brake system; micro-LEDs for displays; and chemical sensors for systems integrators. The two CTReg* projects are developing a system to detect contamination in industrial fluids and a buried utility network geolocation system.


*CEA Tech Regional technology platforms


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