Challenge First Step supports four innovative projects

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Published : 5 February 2016

The judges in the Challenge First Step competition selected four of the six projects presented at the end of 2015 to receive financial support. The projects are: Wimagine (Leti/Clinatec), a long-term brain activity monitoring system for patients suffering from epilepsy and head injuries; Sensing the World (Leti/DSIS), a structural deformation monitoring service for bridges, dams, and other major structures; Moon Plug (Liten/DTS), a charger for tablets and mobile phones that can adjust charging time to the device’s actual needs; and Butterfly (LITEN/DTS), an algorithm-driven building energy management system soon to be tested on an actual building at solar-energy research center INES.
The four projects will receive up to €280K over the next six months and could be eligible to receive additional support if the milestones in their development plans are reached.


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