Characterizing 2D materials could soon get easier

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Published : 6 June 2016

Rapidly assessing the technological potential of 2D materials requires—for certain crucial measurements—a synchrotron beamline. Researchers on the CEA Cascade* project decided to find a workaround that would eliminate the need for difficult-to-access synchrotron resources. They combined two analysis methods available at the Nanocharacterization Platform: micro-photoluminescence and photoemission microscopy in reciprocal space. The results on measurements like hole mobility and the nature of the gap were at least as reliable as those taken using a synchrotron beamline.

This advance will mean faster process optimization for fabricating nanoelectronic components from 2D materials, which, due to their thickness of just one atom, will pave the way for even greater circuit miniaturization. EPFL in Lausanne plans to collaborate with Leti to use this new combined-analysis technique.

*Led by Leti, INAC, and Iramis and funded by the Transversal Nanoscience Program



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