Choosing the best LiDAR for autonomous vehicles

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Published : 2 October 2018

Autonomous vehicle stakeholders are banking on LiDAR* to perceive objects in the environment in real time. However, there are currently no standards for LiDAR sensors and their performance can vary wildly, making them incompatible with the requirements of the target applications. Transdev, a major public transportation operator, turned to Leti and IRT Nanoelec to evaluate six commercially-available products in real-world conditions. The evaluation was completed this summer.   The researchers took measurements in all weather conditions and in the presence of various roadway “objects” like other vehicles and road signs. Because autonomous vehicles are equipped with several LiDAR and other sensors, the researchers evaluated the products individually and together. Transdev now has comprehensive data to make the best LiDAR choices for its future autonomous buses and tramways.


*Light detection and ranging 



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