Clinatec improves cerebral motor activity location technique

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Published : 5 October 2020

Clinatec has been trying to effectively determine the best location in the brain for its WIMAGINE® implant, which measures the brain activity of tetraplegic patients. The data is used to control an exoskeleton, restoring these patients’ mobility and independence. Where to implant the device is a key challenge for Clinatec. Researchers at the center have been developing and improving on an original magnetoencephalography (MEG) method to position the implant since 2014. The researchers recently published a study of fourteen patients in the journal Sensors. The method proved to be both effective and robust.
Moving the implant by just a centimeter can drastically affect (for better or worse) its ability to detect the patient’s intended movement and, therefore, control the exoskeleton. Clinatec is still engaged in clinical trials of its system under the Brain Computer Interface and Tetraplegia project, and a new patient joined the cohort a few months ago.


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