Clinatec tests lower-extremity exoskeleton

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Published : 1 April 2014

Clinatec now has a lower-extremity exoskeleton for paraplegia. The Rex Rehab is capable of providing the balance necessary for walking on its own. It was designed by a New Zealand-based firm and funded by the CEA-Grenoble Disability Commission. It is the first device of its kind to be tested in Europe. Three Grenoble patients suffering from paraplegia have already tried it out.
The Rex Rehab should provide Clinatec researchers with valuable feedback they can then use for their ambitious brain-computer interface (BCI) project to develop a four-limbed exoskeleton for quadriplegic patients.
Clinatec plans to set up partnerships with several rehabilitation centers, which could use the exoskeleton, evaluate it on their patients, and provide further information for the BCI project.




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