Close to 60% of Phelma graduates work in energy and ICTs

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Published : 5 October 2015

Six months after graduation, 90% of the 2014 Grenoble Institute of Technology-Phelma graduates who responded to a career placement survey by a French higher-education consortium (Conférence des grandes écoles) reported having found a job.

The majority of these engineers work in industry, and—for 50% of them—in R&D. The top industries employing graduates are energy (31%), ICTs (26%), and the auto, aerospace, naval, and rail industries (16%). The responses also indicated that over 50% of respondents were hired by the company where they did their graduation projects, that 80% are on permanent contracts, and that the average gross annual salary of the graduates is around €36,000.

Research, however, continues to set Phelma apart from other schools: almost one-third of graduates reported having enrolled in a PhD program.



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