Coming soon: a fully-microelectronic CO2 sensor

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Published : 6 October 2013

Leti is planning to develop an optical CO2 sensor using all-MEMS technology, including an emitter, detector, and infrared optical system. It will be no bigger than 1 cm3 and require no more than 6 mW of power. This will be the first step towards an even smaller sensor that could be used in cell phones, for example. The CO2 sensors currently on the market are around 20 cm3 and assembled by hand.

In 2012 Leti developed an innovative demo sensor under the EU HOMES project. That sensor uses infrared-on-silicon, and delivers 100 ppm resolution with a mere 6 mW power requirement. Both STMicroelectronics and IBM expressed interest in the prototype, which was what encouraged Leti engineers to take their work even further.



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