Connected skis: Rossignol gives a sneak peek

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Published : 1 October 2018

Rossignol, which has kept its partnership with CEA Tech pretty quiet since its inception in 2015, gave attendees at Leti Days 2018 in July a sneak peek at what the partners have been working on. Rossignol CEO Bruno Cercley unveiled the company’s roadmap to develop ski equipment with sensors. The equipment, which will communicate with a smartphone app, will give skiers a variety of information designed to help them improve their technique.  Unlike the Piq RobotTM, which Rossignol is already selling for around €200, the new sensor will be integrated directly into the ski equipment. Plus, the recommended retail price will be far lower. And, because the data will be shared with a community of users, Rossignol will gain a valuable means of interacting directly with its customers. Cercley did not provide a launch date.



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