Consumers to test “Jules Verne” augmented reality glasses

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Published : 1 October 2022

The glasses, which reinterpret the audioguide concept, were developed by theater company La Fabrique des petites utopies during its residency at the Atelier Arts Sciences.
The CEA and local startups MicroOled, Akylas, and ActivMotion helped develop the prototypes to be made available for testing by the public at Experimenta.
Visitors at the exhibition will be able to try the glasses on site and during tours of downtown Grenoble—augmented with audio and visual content—that will start at the tourist office. Feedback from the tests will help the developers improve the product and get it ready for commercialization.
Grenoble’s tourism bureau will be among the early adopters, and the theater company is also working with the City of Chambéry and artificial intelligence research institute MIAI Grenoble Alpes, also interested in the glasses.


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