Coupled characterization provides insights into phase transitions

Categorie(s) : News, Research

Published : 4 February 2016

Researchers at the nano characterization platform (PFNC) have coupled X-ray diffraction and X-ray diffusion to observe a chalcogenide thin layer during annealing. Their goal was to gain a deeper understanding of what happens to the morphology and structure of PCRAM materials when they transition from an amorphous state to a crystalline state.

The X-ray diffraction and X-ray diffusion datasets were combined, revealing a variation in volume of around 5% that generates substantial stress in the material. The experiments were conducted on a diffractometer equipped with a temperature chamber with a range of up to 1,200°C. The main challenge was to establish optimal data acquisition conditions, striking the best balance between measurement dynamics and crystallization kinetics. This coupled characterization technique can be used on other types of samples.


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