Cybersecurity: Leti automates testing

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Published : 1 October 2018

In research conducted under the Catrène-Innovation-Award-winning Mobitrust project, which wrapped up in 2017, Leti automated connected device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) security testing. The automated process enables faster, broader testing and all tests can be carried out in identical conditions.  For the Mobitrust project, the automated testing was used on the TEE* function, which determines the scope of a separate execution environment for the sensitive applications of a connected device. The tests verify that the TEE is compliant with specifications and was developed according to certain design rules. The automated tests can also be used on the secure boot function, which forbids the execution of unauthorized code. Around ten Leti researchers have been assigned to these projects, including under R&D contracts with industrial partners.

*Trusted Execution Environment


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